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Sunday 3 January 2016

How This Couple Lost Nearly 200 Pounds Combined by Changing the Way They Eat.

This week’s Weight-Loss Win is a double success story: Larry Diamond, 50, and Kay Lynne Diamond, 47, who are married. Back in May 2013, Larry, who is 5′9″, weighed 290 pounds, but over 18 months he lost 122 pounds. And in January 2014, Kay Lynne, who is 5′3″, weighed 200 pounds, but over 18 months she lost 70 pounds. This is the story of their weight-loss journey, as told by Larry.

More on the great success story here.



Anonymous said...

Good to read this.
Good for weight loss.
Good for blood glucose
Good for health.
Good for well-being

Full stop.

Gail said...

A wonderful success story.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gail. A wonderful success story.

Jenny S