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Tuesday 8 August 2017

Ten Highly Satiating Foods

Michael Joseph has recently written an article titled, "The Importance of Satiety: Feeling Satiated Controls Food Cravings".

He also lists 10 highly satiating foods:
Here are 10 of the most filling foods in the world, covering meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Including one or more of these foods in your meals will help you with feeling satiated.

1. Beef
Beef contains numerous essential minerals including zinc, iron, selenium, and magnesium. It’s also very high in protein, providing 25.1g protein per 100g.
With this impressive nutrient density and protein content, beef certainly helps fill you up. Despite the occasional negative stories in the media, the evidence of beef causing harm is minimal.

2. Chicken

Chicken is one of the best foods for satiety due to its impressive protein density.
While it isn’t as nutritious as beef (or red meat in general), it still contains a decent selection of vitamins and minerals. Notable nutrients in chicken include B vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium. Chicken breasts contain an enormous amount of protein, with 100g providing 31g protein. Better yet, chicken drumsticks are full of protein and fat – great for satiety and much tastier too.

3. Cod

Similar to chicken breast, lean white fish is one of the richest sources of protein. Despite 100g of cod only providing 105 calories, there is an impressive 23g of protein.
Also, there is a myth that white fish like cod and haddock don’t contain omega-3 – but they do.
While it isn’t as much as oily fish like salmon, sardines or tuna, 100g of cod still provides 172 mg omega-3.
Cod also offers an excellent source of phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and B vitamins.
All in all, cod is a protein-rich food that is extremely filling.
Tip: it tastes great with some hot coconut cream mixed with lemon juice and parsley.

4. Eggs

I like to call eggs “nature’s multivitamin” since they are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. They are also incredibly beneficial in helping us stave off hunger, with studies showing that eggs are the best breakfast for satiety. In fact, eggs provide a good source of virtually every nutrient except vitamins C and K. With one egg containing 6.3g of protein, this soon adds up when a meal includes three or four. In short, eggs are one of the most satiating foods on the planet.

5. Green Vegetables

Green veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, and spinach are extremely nutrient-dense, full of fibrous carbohydrate, and they even contain a little protein too.
Compared to digestible sources of carbs such as white rice, bread, and sugars, they have the exact opposite effect on keeping us satiated. Looking specifically at spinach, 100g comes in at a minuscule 23 calories – but these calories are packed with nutrients. In particular, there are massive amounts of vitamins A, C, K1, and B vitamins, as well as 3g of protein.
All in all, these vegetables are highly satiating, and they provide some nice decoration next to a tasty steak.

6. Meat Stew

Making a traditional meat stew keeps us feeling full better than just eating a piece of meat alone. The reason for this is twofold; first, a stew contains a significant amount of fluid. Studies show that compared to solid foods, soups induce a greater feeling of satiation due to delayed gastric emptying (emptying of food from the stomach). Secondly, soups include a greater variety of meat and vegetables, helping to increase the nutritional value of the meal.

7. Quark

Quark is a dairy product that contains a substantial amount of protein; per 100g there are only 77 calories but 14.1 grams of protein. As a result of the protein density, quark is one of the best foods for satiation.

8. Salmon

While cod provides a decent amount of protein and a small presence of omega-3, salmon offers both of these nutrients in abundance. This oily fish offers around 2600mg of omega-3 and 25g protein per 100g. In the same fashion as eggs, salmon contains virtually every vitamin and mineral too. Rich in both energy and nutrients, salmon will certainly leave you feeling satiated.
For guidance on how to cook salmon perfectly, see here.

9. Shrimp

Almost all shellfish are nutritionally impressive, and shrimp is no exception. Crammed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and omega-3, they are also very high in protein. Despite 100g coming in at only 99 calories, it has 21 grams of protein. Fry them up in a bit of butter for a delicious and satiating meal that helps kill hunger.

10. Whole Milk

Milk is a complete source of food which contains carbohydrate, protein, and fat.
As a result, we should be careful with the amount we drink since it’s so energy-rich. One cup of whole milk contains a decent amount of protein, and it’s reasonably nutrient-dense. Furthermore, several recent studies show that whole milk is significantly better for satiety than low-fat milk. Notably, studies also show that low-fat milk raises the risk for central obesity while whole milk has the opposite effect.

Key Point

These foods on this list are all nutritionally dense and rich in protein. As a result, including them as a regular part of the diet helps to improve levels of satiety.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, feeling satiated is potentially the most important factor in maintaining a successful diet. Without satiety, food cravings take control and willpower can only endure so much against powerful biological urges to eat more. Focusing predominantly on whole foods and including a quality source of protein at each meal makes all the difference.

All words above are Michael's and is only a 'snippet' of his article, you can read his full article with all relevant links here

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All the best Jan


Christine said...

Great list Jan, satiation is the key.

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...Quark is new to me.

Lady Fi said...

Glad to see veggies made it onto the list.

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This is a really good list and a reminder of the good things I'm supposed to be eating. Love my chicken and eggs, but know I should include so many more veggies in my diet. Thanks again, as always! Hugs...

Prunella Pepperpot said...

There is nothing better than a bowl of nourishing comfort food on a cold wet day and a wholesome beef and vegetable stew certainly fits the bill for today!
Have a not too wet Wednesday Jan :)

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I'm not at all surprised to see a lot of my favourite foods in this list.

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Great list Jan.

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Very helpful information, Jan! Thank you so much for this list!

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A good post...some things we need to be reminded of. I feel stronger and more energetic when I have enough protein. I was looking at the other post with the omelet recipe...maybe I'll have that tonight! Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the excellent information!

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Good list and good points!

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Jan I was really pleased to read your comments about white fish and omega 3 - I had the wrong information previously :D)

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I have been having just two eggs for breakfast and I have been losing weight, that is so nice and they do help to keep me good until lunch.... I learn new things all the time from you Jan, I have never heard of Quark before.

Phil Slade said...

A good post full of useful information that makes complete sense. Luckily our own food intake includes most of those items. It's raining today so I'm off to make a tomato soup with carrots, chick peas and a little taste of chorizo. Impressed?

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent post! Thank you!