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Wednesday 20 May 2015

DCUK Will Sid Bonkers be the last man standing ?

Over at the forum of flog, the high priest of failed dietary dogma Sid Bonkers is pushing statins and vilifying saturated fats. He tells us he has more faith in The British Heart Foundation sponsored by Flora margarine than "dubious blogs and internet diet guru's" It must be hard for Sid to accept so many bloggers and internet diet guru's have been proved to be right. Sid gets by on around 12 medications, and some days he can manage a short walk with his dog. As we have seen this very week, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals have done a 180 on saturated fats, and are now saying sugar is the big health hazard. Most readers of this blog will know for carbs read sugar. I get the feeling should Sid survive, he will be the last man standing telling us sat fats will kill us and statins are your best friend. Unlike fine wine, Sid does not improve with age. 


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