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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Garden centre owner's '10% tax for Tory voters' sign goes viral !

The owner of a small garden centre in East Sussex whose anti-Tory blackboard went viral on social media says he has no regrets, despite admitting it could put him out of business.

Matt Woodruff, the owner of Woodruffs Yard in Lewes, said he was moved to vent his political views on his shop’s blackboard after the Conservatives took the local seat that had been occupied by the Lib Dem former Home Office minister Norman Baker. More on this story here.

Hang on a minute, I thought the Tories were supposed to be the champions of small business. Perhaps if small companies had their head office in a tax haven and paid no tax, the Tories would appreciate them more. Get my drift. Amazon, which had sales in the UK of £3.35bn in 2011, only reported a "tax expense" of £1.8m.



tess said...

yeah, if i were a Brit i'd shop at Matt's place!

...what happened in England? why did the conservative party do so well?

Anonymous said...

No electable opposition Tess

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