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Tuesday 7 April 2015

David Cameron British Prime Minister a Low Carber ?

Here in the UK it's Parliamentary Election Time, the media is full of it ..... and many are already fed up with it ! However for the politicians, the race to No 10 Downing Street has started - and it pays to be as fit and healthy as you can to stay the course. It has recently been reported that Prime Minister David Cameron has been cutting out carbohydrates in his efforts to lose weight. Now readers of this blog will be aware that living the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle is good for diabetics and the control of blood sugar numbers but it can also greatly assist in weight loss and other health benefits. So it is very refreshing to read that higher profile people like David Cameron and The Pope. Film stars like Halle Berry. Sportsmen, including the Australian Cricket team are adopting this reduced carbohydrate lifestyle. 

David Cameron today revealed he has given up bread as part of his 'great patriotic struggle' with his weight, which involves cutting out carbs and running every other day

I understand David Cameron has always been partial to eating great tasting bread, you may be too, so if you too feel it difficult to 'give up' bread then you may just like this lovely low carb broccoli bread idea, it's amazing, simplicity itself to make and could become a low carb star in No 10 and your house! 

Read more about David Cameron on Diet Doctor and Mail Online

All the best Jan


Galina L. said...

PM looks as a healthy man already - his face is very fresh.
While I am not the proponent of the popular believe that the more vegetables one eats the better, many people overlook the fact that prime substitute for carbs in a diet are vegetables, not an excessive protein.

Cheryl said...

My father is no longer here but he was a diabetic.
He followed a strict no sugar diet and lived to be 86.

I am fortunate not to be diabetic or overweight.
I follow a healthy diet, mainly vegetarian with a small amount of animal/fish protein.

I wish my father had been alive to see this blog....he would have loved it......

Launna said...

I do love great tasting bread but I've given it up to become healthier.. I don't have too much self control with it... so I just cut it out :-D

Gingi said...

I am now on day 7 of my low carb diet, and with the exception of two cheats while I was out of town, I haven't had any bread! And I've lost two pounds already! Woot woot!! Now just to keep up the momentum. ;-) -

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Galina - yes the PM does have a fresh looking face. I know he likes running, which is good for fitness ... and yes a range of non starchy vegetables in your menu plans can be an excellent idea. Thanks as always for your comment.

Hi Cheryl - many thanks for your comment. Your father did well to live to 86, and interesting to hear he followed a strict no sugar diet. We do our best to highlight a healthier lifestyle for diabetics and non diabetics alike on the blog, with a mix of articles/posts. Good to know you follow a healthy diet, look forward to seeing you more f your thoughts and comments.

Hi Launna - many feel as you do about bread and do not eat any, but we aim to give readers a choice of possible alternatives. Thanks for your comment, it's appreciated.

Hi Gingi - thanks for stopping by. Good to hear you are doing well on your low carb diet / lifestyle choice. Very well done on your weight loss so far .... do keep it going, and let us know how you're doing.

Thanks to all for your comments

All the best Jan.