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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Indonesian President Widodo has a big pair of bollocks !

No, don't get me wrong, drug trafficking is a serious crime and those caught deserve a stiff prison sentence. I read with horror but no surprise, "Indonesia 'executes eight prisoners' for drugs offences". Will this stop drug trafficking? no way. Will executing eight people, some had spent ten years in prison, make a difference? I very much doubt it. So, what's the point, it proves the Indonesian President Widodo has a big pair of bollocks. To appease the voters, the big man has shown he can be tough, and maybe he has earned some brownie points. 

My opinion, he is a gutless little rat, and one day Karma will catch up with him. Don't start me off re. the US, the situation is infinity worse. I have some great friends in the US, and in many respects the US represents all things good. The downside, many US citizens are complete morons, lead by complete idiots. That being said, the UK has more than it's share of what I call "the great un-washed"



FredT said...

But, but, they do not have a problem with repeat offenders.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love FredT's comment. Faced with a death sentence, I wouldn't be dealing drugs. I tend to think it will have an effect on the overall drug problem. Maybe Widodo and I are optimists.