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Thursday 16 April 2015

Is This The Perfect Scrambled Egg ?

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Well what are your scrambled eggs like?  Reading this article the question was:

"Everyone can make scrambled eggs, right? Not quite. They go wrong. Here’s how to master them:

Chances are you’ve been making them for years. They’re probably totally edible but completely forgettable. They’re dry and need to swim in ketchup to taste good.

The good news? It’s never too late to start making perfect scrambled eggs. First things first, step away from the milk, cream and water.

We've scoured the best recipes we could find to bring you the scrambled egg guide for life.

Getting it right: Must-have kit is a non-stick pan

To serve 4 use:
8 eggs
A good knob of butter
Freshly ground black pepper

1. In a bowl, beat together the eggs and some black pepper. Give it some elbow grease, you want to get some air in there.

2. Melt the butter in a small, non-stick pan over a medium-low heat. This is important, so don't go rogue at this stage.

3. Add the eggs and gently cook, stirring occasionally, until softly scrambled. Always remember to stir.

These habits don’t help

Adding liquid: repeat after us: "adding milk, cream or water stops today". Eggs + liquid can cause them to separate during cooking resulting in overcooked eggs and no one wants that.

Seasoning too early: according to Gordon Ramsay it’s best to add salt at the end of cooking. Any earlier and the salt will break down the eggs and you could be left with a watery mess. Lovely.

Being a wimp: you need to whisk those eggs vigorously before they go in the pan. You want to add air and volume to get them nice and fluffy.

Being impatient: don’t cook them on a high heat. It’s low and slow all the way. Whatever you do, do not, we repeat, do not, put them in the oven. It will be sacrilege.

Overcooking: take them off the heat when they still look wet (not runny) as the residual heat will keep those eggs a-cooking for a minute or so.

Don’t forget to stir: not only will this ruin your brekkie but the pan will be a right old pain to clean too.

Additional flourishes:

Once you’ve mastered the basics, the scrambled egg world is your oyster.

Spice it up. Once your butter is melted, fry some chopped onion in it before adding your eggs with some chopped chilli.

Served sprinkled with chopped mixed fresh herbs such as flat leaf parsley, chives or dill."
Words taken from original article here

So how do you make your scrambled eggs - I have to admit I quite often add double cream ! (Oh dear)

All the best Jan


Galina L. said...

I add cold butter cut in very little cubes in liquid eggs before scrambling and salt at the end. It is one of many simple dishes which are perfect when cooked with skills, not with a lot of added ingredients.
I put all non-stick pans in a garbage about 5 years ago. It is a symbol for me what is wrong with cooking nowadays - cooking with non-stick pans needs no skills, wasteful in a household (gets worse with every use, doesn't lost long), invented for cooking without fat, toxic if not used carefully.

Wendy said...

What a great article! I usually do add cream or half and half, this is a good reminder not to. And the seasoning timing, also good to know!

I make scrambled eggs with spinach in a vitamix so my hubs can microwave them fast and easy in the early AM, when he gets up. I'm thinking this gets *some* air into them, but more might be good. I could always toss in the blender ball for him to re-whip right before cooking. Good tips, Jan!

Gwen said...

Green onions, a handful of mild grated cheddar cheese, and Penzey's Mural of Flavors (unsalted) and Fox Point seasonings. YUM.

Anonymous said...

I always use milk or double cream added.


Anonymous said...

Must try it with nothing added. I always use a little double cream.

Jenny S

Siobhan said...

I had been adding heavy cream too. Haven't made them in a while, though, because I'm trying the no-dairy thing. Now that I know liquid is a no-no, they are back in the rotation! (And I wasn't beating them near enough ... will have to try that also.) Thanks for the information!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Galina - thanks for your comment and scrambled egg tips. Yes, I know to some a non stick pan is a definite No, No whilst others wouldn't have anything else in the kitchen.

Hi Wendy - thanks for your comment. It's surprising how many of us do 'add' to the mix.

Hi Gwen - thanks for your comment. Your recipe does sound 'YUM'

Hi Annie - thanks for your comment, why not give it a try without milk or double cream!

Hi Jenny - thanks for your comment. Like me you use double cream - we must both try it without.

Hi Siobhan - thanks for your comment, so pleased you found the info useful Enjoy your non added to scrambled eggs.

All the best Jan

Galina L. said...

Sure, what you put on your skillet is more important than the material of the cooking vessel.