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Monday 27 April 2015

How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition | Dr. Wendy Pogozelski Type 1 diabetic | TEDxSUNYGeneseo

When Wendy Pogozelski began studying the primary literature in the field of nutrition, she was shocked to find enormous differences between the nutrition advice she’d found in the mainstream vs. the research and clinical results she was reading about. She connected with other researchers, doctors, biochemists and professors who had similar concerns and has become part of an international effort to help students, consumers and patients understand the science behind nutrition.

Dr. Wendy Pogozelski received her B.S. in Chemistry from Chatham University and her PhD from The John Hopkins University. She was an Office of Naval Research post-doctoral fellow at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C. In 1996, she came to Geneseo where she now holds the rank of Distinguished Teaching Professor and serves as Chair of the Chemistry Department. In her laboratory work, Dr. Pogozelski and her students investigate the effects of radiation on mitochondria. Since developing an interest in the biochemistry of nutrition, Dr. Pogozelski has been working with an international group of scientists and clinicians who are trying to bridge the gulf between scientific research and nutrition education.


Well done Graham for posting this must watch masterpiece. As you will see this Woman is very bright and extremely knowledgeable. Diagnosed type one at forty years of age. On a low carb diet quickly obtained non diabetic BG numbers. Yet again we see her dietitian said she must have 130 carbs per day for brain function (completely wrong). I suspect the dietitian's brain function is way below that of Dr Pogozelski. Eddie

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