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Thursday, 7 May 2015

"15M tweet mentions analysed show Cameron is most disliked and fear-inducing candidate"

As British citizens head to their local polling stations today to vote in one of the tightest General Elections in decades, Oxford University's TheySay looks back over the past 90 days of campaigning to reveal how the public responded to the four main party leaders online.

TheySay's CTO and co-founder Dr Karo Moilanen says:

"According to our advanced sentiment analysis, Cameron is the real winner in terms of "noise" - having been the most talked about on Twitter over the past 90 days - but not necessarily achieving the most positive sentiment."

Please attribute the resultant data to TheySay Ltd. and the analysis to Dr Moilanen, who is available for interview to discuss the below, in addition to sentiment analysis more generally, i.e. as a tool of gauging success in the political sphere.

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