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Thursday 28 July 2016

Chris Froome Cut Back on Carbs, Lost 20 Pounds and Won the Tour de France – 3 Times!

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (Diet Doctor site) writes:
"Here’s a true atomic bomb in the sports nutrition world.

Chris Froome, winner of Tour de France 2013, 2015 and 2016, now says that the winning concept was saying goodbye to most carbohydrates, and introducing more fatty protein such as salmon and eggs. By doing so, he lost 20 pounds, increased his power to weight-ratio and started winning.

It’s quite funny that there are still many people who think that you need to load up on carbs to exercise at all. This is just a great example showing that that simply isn’t true.

If reducing carb intake can make Chris Froome win one of the most competitive endurance races on the planet, multiple times, how could it help you get into better shape?"

... Also, in an article in 'Business Insider' Chris says "I think hard about the quality of the food I'm eating – organic fruit, vegetables and meat wherever possible. It's a common misconception that because we're training five or six hours a day that we can eat what we want and burn it off. It really is a case of watching every little thing you put in your mouth and how it's going to benefit you. Your body really does respond to tweaks then."

From Chris on twitter - this is his rest day breakfast
Read more at Business Insider here 

Well, we may not all be sporty - but eating whole fresh food
and taking exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle makes good sense doesn't it?

All the best Jan

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Snowbird said...

Yes, eating healthily and exercising certainly makes sense!xxx