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Sunday 17 June 2018

Pork skewers with oregano and orange - served with a Greek salad

These pork skewers are lovely for a summer BBQ (although they can also be cooked on a grill). Flavoured with oregano and orange, and served with a little Greek salad ...Yum! 

Serves Four
400g (13oz) pork fillet, cubed
3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp dried oregano
1 orange, zested and juiced
325g baby plum tomatoes, halved
½ red onion, sliced into wedges

olive oil, for brushing 

For the Greek salad
50g (2½oz) pitted black olives
80g (3oz) baby spinach
100g (3 1/2oz) feta cheese, crumbled
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. red wine vinegar 

In a bowl, toss the pork with the garlic, oregano, orange zest and juice. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes. 

Thread the pork, tomato halves and onion wedges onto skewers until all the pork is used up (reserve the leftover veg for the salad). Brush with olive oil and barbecue (or grill) for 8-10 minutes, turning once or twice, until cooked through. 

For the salad, combine the olives, spinach, feta and leftover veg. Mix the oil and vinegar, season and drizzle over the salad. Serve with the skewers. 

Nutrition Per Serving 
Carbohydrate 7.2g Protein 27.8g Fat 19g 
From a Tesco recipe here

Often used to top your favourite pizza, oregano offers you a range of health benefits you may have never considered. Oregano contains a powerful substance called beta-caryophyllene that helps fight inflammation. This herb is said to benefit people suffering conditions such as osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. On top of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial and antifungal properties can also be added to the list of what makes oregano a top pick. 
Incorporate oregano into your life by:
Sprinkling it on top of your next low carb pizza. You can also add a teaspoon of oregano to your homemade sauce or casserole dish.

A variety of recipe ideas are within this blog, and not all may be suitable for you. If you may have any food allergies, or underlying health issues please take these into account. If you are a diabetic and not sure how certain foods may affect your blood sugars, test is best, i.e. use your meter.

All the best Jan


Tom said...

...something to put on the grill.

Valerie-Jael said...

This sounds very good. Hugs, Valerie

ANNA said...

Hola et paso el blog si vols criticar gracies.

Pam said...

Never mixed orange and oregano together but I love both. I also love cooking with oregano and basil. But then again, I love rosemary also. That looks YUMMY.

Iris Flavia said...

Didn´t know about the benefits of oregano, thanks for the info, I love it even more now :-)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the pork and salad look delicious. I would try this meal soon!
Enjoy your day and have a great new week!

Mary Kirkland said...

I like everything in this recipe except for feta. I just can't eat that. lol

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


Out on the prairie said...

grilled today for Fathers Day, should have made these !

Carla from The River said...

YUM!! Thank You!

Teresa said...

Se ve muy bueno todo. Besitos.

Elephant's Child said...

I do love a greek salad and often have versions of it in the fridge.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

YUM.... Looks so delicious and SO healthy!!!! Why don't you just come to my home an fix it for me?????? ha


The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

I've never prepared pork kebobs. I usually use beef or chicken, but I will have to give this recipe a try. We have a rather large oregano plant that I'm always looking to use up in the kitchen. The benefits of using it, is news (good news) to me!

Margaret D said...

I bet that tastes tangy..

Conniecrafter said...

I haven't had pork this way but the other day we had pork ribs and they were very yummy on the grill. :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to admit, the Greek salad sounds refreshing and looks delightful.

William Kendall said...

Sounds good!

Magic Love Crow said...

Yes please! Thank you Jan!