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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Best place on earth ?

Back from a few days of tramping and driving around the Lake District. If you have never been to this heaven on earth I highly recommend it. When my Wife was young she travelled all over the world, I have never been outside Europe, but I have worked in Italy, Austria and Germany and visited many European countries. I remember her joy when I took her to the lakes for the first time. Around four hours from London on a good run and the most relaxing place we know. Go out of season or when the Schools are still open and have the place to yourself.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I have to agree, the lake district, as are many other places in this country is beautiful - you just have to go prepared for any weather.

The South Downs area is also very picturesque


Anonymous said...

'Best place on earth?' well certainly one of the best I have visited but then I haven't been abroad very much. I am sure others may disagree and have their favorite places but I love the pictures, thanks for sharing them.