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Friday 22 June 2012

You can’t win em all !

We have six kids and despite our best efforts they are not all lowcarbers. But here’s a strange thing, all of their kids are. No sugar or factory produced foods for their kids. A diet based on low starch vegetables, protein and fruit. High quality artisan bread and natural fats. Sweets and crisps, are a once a week treat at most. One of our granddaughters, only three years old at a recent ballet prize giving day.



Anonymous said...

Another nice picture to share with us, thank you. Memories of my years at ballet came flooding back, I used to enjoy my weekly lessons and especially the shows we used to do. From memory I was five when I started and went through til I was about fifteen. Friends of mine went back to adult ballet lessons I think for the enjoyment of ballet and the enjoyment of like minded company and friends. I think all youngsters should be encouraged to do ballet or gymnastics or tumble tots I think its called these days get them into the keeping fit frame of mind I'm sure it sets us all in good stead for when we get older and not quite so agile.


Anonymous said...

Ah a very nice picture, grandchildren are a joy.

Hopefully their generation will stick to a lower carb diet then perhaps their parents or grandparents did! Maybe their great grandparents followed a lower carb or three good meals a day lifestyle. without the sweets and goodies which just were not around to the same degree they are today.