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Friday 8 June 2012

The epetition, what happened to Grazers post ?

Re: The epetition
by Grazer

"jopar wrote:in the case of T2's they are on fighting a battle from the back foot... the general public perception of T2's diabetics"

Well, we would be, wouldn't we, with people like you and ambrennan stoking the public's perception. Interesting your use of "they"; "they" are fighting a battle; not "we". If you're not part of our battle, maybe you should just keep out of it altogether.
And I'm still waiting for you to retract the suggestion that we're all liars and apologise.


Lowcarb team member said...

Don't know about the post but the whole thread seems to have vanished now, jopar has obviously succeeded in derailing another thread. We can't have all these T2 lazy fat slobs who are liars and brought it on theirselves having access to test strips now can we!


Anonymous said...

Goodness knows what is happening.

Importantly for us all to sign the petition. There is much more success in numbers.