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Friday 22 June 2012

Zimbabwe MPs get circumcised in Aids fight !

"Forty-four members of Zimbabwe's parliament were circumcised on Friday as part of a national HIV/Aids awareness campaign"

Oh dear.

Since when did having a foreskin have anything to do with aids ? Go the whole hog and have a leg off for all the good it will do ! Keeping it in your trousers, use a condom,  or keep to one partner is  a far safer bet.



Anonymous said...

AIDS or not, I'd rather be a Cavalier than a Roundhead!

Anonymous said...

All to often, following circumcision, the wrong bit is thrown away so the little bit of skin grows up to become carboholic!


B Ngo said...

The WHO seem to disagree with you Eddie about the benefits of circumcision when it comes to reducing HIV transmission.

Who are we to let scientific understanding come between us and the opportunity to make a snide remark, eh?