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Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Ken and Sue show turns to farce !

I take a week out, and on my return Ken is taking stupidity to a new level, on what is now known as the ghost forum. The forum started well, and in time could have been a useful resource, but Ken couldn’t let the old forum go. Constantly bitching about Benedict and the members, and the way has changed since his unedifying demise as a moderator. We have complimented Sue many times on this blog, she used to be a great mod, until Ken turned her head, now she has become as deluded as him. Borofergie gets a lot of stick from Ken and his Moll Mole, so let's compare the two’s progress in controlling type two diabetes. Ken has been a type two diabetic for around 15 years, the first ten years following the NHS diet recommendations. He saw the light after ten years when a bunch of lowcarbers put him straight. He thanked them and admitted NHS personnel very near killed him. These days he says he has good control with various medications but still has some weight to lose.

Let’s take a look at Borofergie. Within days of diagnosis he was researching hard, it did not take him long to realise the foods that lead to his obesity and type two diabetes. Carbs had to go big time, he realised he had to carry on eating and quickly realised food containing natural fats, food that man had been eating since the beginning of time was not going to lead to a swift demise. Within months a huge weight loss, lipids of a teenager and most importantly, HbA1c in the fours. Check around and you will find very few diabetics ever get into the fours, in the fives is a great result, unfortunately most diabetics never get to a safe number. Borofergie does not know all the answers, nor does any healthcare professional, diabetes is an ultra complicated disease. It will probably be many years before the most brilliant Doctor or Scientist knows all the answers, but for a gifted amateur Fergie is doing a great job. Ken once called Dr. Richard Bernstein an amateur, Bernstein is arguably the world leading expert on blood glucose control. He was the first diabetic to test BG at home and realise the exact effect food had on his BG control, he also pioneered basal/bolus insulin techniques. I think it’s fair to say, millions of diabetics around the world, have had their quality and length of life improved thanks to Bernstein.

So, who are you going to follow Ken or Borofergie ? If you need to think about that question, I would go for psychiatric counselling before tackling the control of your diabetes.

Ken, for what my opinion is worth, dump the ranting against better men than you and me, and try to turn that horses arse you call a forum into something that makes a positive contribution to other diabetics. 



Anonymous said...

His forum is like some sort of Harold Pinter play; damaged and mysterious individuals jabbering away for purposes unknown - a comedy of menace.

I like how that if you make a post there and you are not Ken or Sue that is an almost guaranteed way to get yourself banned.

If you are Ken or Sue you are only allowed to vociferously complain about other fora or slavishly agree with one another.


Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is,although the thread chopper won't let me have a right of reply to the crap he rants about over there and will not publish any of my comments-he REFUSES to delete my account and he still hasn't deleted Lucylockets account too.
He's like an exiled dictator and won't go with dignity.
It really IS the hotel california at ABC "you can check out any time but you can NEVER leave"


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Paul

I am glad you have seen the light and tried to check out of the Hotel Caledonia. Ken and his Moll illustrate the downside of a unsustainable diet. Years on and still trying to lose weight. Old Ken is a larf a minute and his forum is going nowhere, it has gone the way of Tubolards/Carbo, down the bog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie!

I have to agree totally,a few months ago I didn't know what a 'low carb anti' was BUT I do now! Jeez! what is wrong with these people? All the good threads on DCUK derailed and eventually locked,ABC where the only people posting are the Admin who slag knowledgeable low carbers off but then complain that THEY'RE the victim of unjustified bad press-talk about a brass neck and double standards! and now I'm being slagged off on Carbo's blog too by someone who's to chicken to post their name! The anti's are on their last legs and thank god I realised their way was killing me and that I discovered low carbing as a way of life! I read some good archive posts from members of DCUK such as Fergus and it's such a pity he's not around on the forum anymore!:(