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Monday 11 June 2012

Borofergie a legend in his own very low carb lunchtime !

Commenting today on a Daily Mail article.

Re: Atkins Horror!
by borofergie » less than a minute ago
So let's compare:
Low-carb diets
Atkins style LCHF diet = 5-6% carbohydrate
xyzzy style 60g CHO diet = 10% carbohydrate
Grazer style 150g CHO diet = 27% carbohydrate
Which I think we can all agree covers the complete range of what might be called "low-carb".

From this study:
2010 Male Carbohydrate average = 43% carbohydrate
2010 Female Carbohydrate average = 44% carbohydrate
43% of 2200kcal diet is 235g of carbohydrate.
Over the course of the study average carbohydrate intakes dropped by about 4% (about 25g of carbohydrate, or a single slice of bread).

And for the purpose of comparison:
2010 UK Male Carbohydrate average = 49% carbohydrate
2010 UK Female Carbohydrate average = 50% carbohydrate

Do you think that the diets in this study are most similar to:
A) The Atkins Diet?
B) The default UK "Balanced Diet"?

Do you think that exchanging a single slice of bread in your diet, for a tablespoon of butter would have a significant influence on your cholesterol? Because that's what the paper is suggesting. 

I love this Guy.



Re: Atkins Horror!

Postby borofergie » 24 minutes ago
Sid Bonkers wrote:Who would have thought that a 25 year study of LCHF would be rubbished by those eating it, I didnt see that coming :lol:

25 year study of LCHF diet :lol:

44% Carbs :lol:

Sid try harder mate !


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