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Friday 29 June 2012

Statins ‘linked with increased tiredness’

GPs should be alert that patients taking statins may report reduced energy and/or fatigue, say US researchers.
Both statins used in the study were found to have a significant effect on fatigue scores. Simvastatin had a mean difference in scores of 0.2, compared with placebo, meaning two in 10 patients cited worsening energy or exertional fatigue.

The effect was considerably worse for women, with a decrease of 0.4 compared to placebo. Pravastatin only saw a 0.1 decrease in all patients, and a 0.3 decrease in women.


Anonymous said...

I think I may well be repeating myself here, as I have commented on other statin related articles, but I would urge you to avoid taking statins. Think hard before you start taking them as the problems I experienced and I know others have experienced, in my opinion they do more harm than good.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for the comment Sheila

I am a heart case as I have stated on this blog and forums, I have never had a heart attack. I do not take statins. The evidence tells me about one man in fifty will benefit from statins after years of using them. Am I the one man in fifty ?

Also for Women over fifty years of age or so there appears to be no benefit whatsoever. The down side and side effects are many !