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Monday 4 June 2012

So proud to be British !

I was born in London. As were my parents, and their parents before them. I love this country, and am very proud to be British. I believe this is the most tolerant and respectful country on earth, for all colours, races and creeds. I know our history is not perfect. History proves we had a hand in slavery and the horrors involved. On balance we have made huge contributions to the benefit of mankind. We are down at the moment, but we will never be out. Be very thankful you are British.  



Anonymous said...

Having just enjoyed another very memorable family day celebrating the diamond jubilee, was so pleased to see your proud to be British comment. Wasn't the Palace concert great, so many good artists, so many in the crowd and to see those flags waving just a lovely memory.

Dare I say Rule Britannia and all that.


tess said...

and you have an unparalleled literary tradition. ;-)