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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Libby and Steven two lowcarb superstars ! AKA Wiflib. and Borofergie

Check out the forum, and you will see a great deal of success in the fight against diabetes. This week, two people I admire greatly, have posted their latest blood test results, and they are stunning, check out the link below. Both follow a close to Dr Richard Bernstein’s dietary recommendations, and both have Bernstein’s HbA1c in the fours. 

Both have reduced and maintained a big weight loss, and both have the lipids of teenage healthy kids. Look no further in the way to control your type two diabetes, type ones can also learn a lot in reducing weight, if necessary, and a reduction of insulin and more predictable BG control.

Type two diabetes can be a life sentence, these two prove it. They are dedicated and have worked hard, but they are the same as me and you. 

Go for it yourself, turn over a new leaf tomorrow, and follow their example. Don’t become a victim of dietary misinformation ! You can do what they have done, the younger you are, the more important fighting high BG numbers are. Join today, it could be the best move you ever made.

Good luck and health to all.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. So good to hear what can be done when the effort is made.

Lowcarb team member said...

Let's not forget Hana another low carb stalwart A1c 5.1 so not far off the 4% club.


Anonymous said...

Really well done it just shows what can be done.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT