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Sunday, 25 January 2015

DCUK The Daily Report Anna the banner mod shoots herself in the foot !

People often ask me why are you so interested in the forum, some have gone as far as to say "you are obsessed with the forum" Maybe, but that is a matter of opinion, but I do check into the place every day. Very often I am alerted about a thread via an email or a telephone call. So why the interest. Well the forum does like to tell us they are the largest diabetes forum in Europe and just recently the DCUK twitter account tells the world the members have a combined 900,000 years of diabetes experience, some claim eh. That sounds like a number plucked out of thin air to me, but hey ho, I expect some are fooled by the BS.

Let's talk about the 125,000 member list. Regular forum watches know most done a Cpt. Oates years ago, and way less than 1% are regular posters, even the people who have been permanently banned are still on the members list. I should know as I reckon I hold the record for times banned under various forum names. So, still with me? good, you get my drift, the forum of flog sure posts a hell of a lot of shit and shinola. 

So, back to the chase. Anna the head moderator, who is a low carb high fat anti and appears to have a very limited knowledge on good diabetes control, started a thread last night. To me it looked like a futile attempt to get some people out of the woodwork with negative views and experience re. the low carb high fat lifestyle. It backfired on her spectacularly as can be seen here. In no time at all, members comments were being deleted and edited.

I can understand Anna's situation, the forum is flooded with low carb success stories, in fact the only success being reported on the forum for years, has been by way of a low carb lifestyle. I grant you a handful of good news stories, have been posted by low carb antis, over the years. But close inspection of their claims, look very dubious at the very least. One well known anti tells us his BG numbers improved when he started eating Pot Noddles, pizza and other junk foods. Believe that if you will, and if you do, I recommend you seek urgent psychiatric counselling.

So my friends, check out the DCUK forum, there is some fantastic information to be found, from some highly knowledgeable members, even if you are fully clued up, re. diabetes control, I promise you at the very least, you will be busting a gut laughing at the antics of the antis.

A typical rant from an anti.

"But Bernstein is a quack. He claims he invented Basal/Bolus...he didn't. He claims he invented the home BG meter...he didn't. He just keeps dreaming things up to sell books. He might on occasion say something remotely relevant, but often it's utter trash to sell books, like his current line of re-branding the Atkins diet he's selling."


Post edit. The thread was locked by the OP Anna the banner, when the thread went totally pear shaped. Better luck next time Anna.

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Can he say that about Bernstein?