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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Phillip Morris prepared to sue UK over plain cigarette packaging !

Tobacco giant Phillip Morris has said it is prepared to sue the UK government should it implement a law mandating plain packaging for cigarettes.

"The law proposes that cigarettes be sold with graphic health warnings and no branding.

The Marlboro-maker said it was prepared to "seek fair compensation" through the courts should its branding be affected.

Philip Morris is in the process of suing the Australian government over plain cigarette package rules.

"PMI [Phillip Morris International] is prepared to protect its rights in the courts and to seek fair compensation for the value of its property," the company said in response to a government consultation on the proposed law."

Good luck with that one Phill. ya gonna need it. Full story here.


1 comment:

Mo said...

I'm not sure plain packaging is the answer. There is a school of thought that suggests this will just make it even easier to sell counterfeit cigarettes.