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Friday, 23 January 2015

Meanwhile over at the forum of flog, the good news keeps coming in !

Despite the low carb antis, most of them mods these days, the good news at the flog never stops coming in. As always the good news is low carb. Here is a challenge for our readers who also read the flog. Direct me to a post (other than duggie boys tomfoolery) that states I have upped my carbs and upped the meds and now hold non diabetic BG numbers. I know it's a tough one, but go for it.

PS Nobblyheads bullshit doesn't count either, ditto for Sid Bonkers.

A member posts.

"I thought I would share my good news.... I have managed to reduce my Hba1c from 103mmol when diagnosed in September right down to 44mmol! Also my cholesterol down from 4.6 to 2.9!
Now just got to lose a couple of stone!!!! Scales not showing a decrease but clothes getting looser"

A member asks

"How did you do it, without losing weight? Almost everyone who achieves those sorts of reductions loses quite a bit of weight, and there are regularly people asking how to maintain their weight, but drop the blood scores."

The OP replies

"Just listened to your good advice about low carbs!"

Above posts can be found here.


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