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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Trudi Deakin Low Carb High Fat Post At DCUK, Good Guy SamJB Gives Us A Hat Tip.

"Only just catching up on this post. I'm very happy (and proud) to say I've been involved (in a small part) in the research that Trudi has been conducting. Via the lowcarbdiabetic team, I found a GP who could recruit patients for the trial discussed in the Mail article and was also involved in discussions before patient recruitment.

Trudi is a very talented, very intelligent, forward-thinking dietician. She is first-author on the current national dietetic guidelines for diabetics and is one of the most influential diabetic dieticians in the UK. Someone we are very fortunate to be conducting this research.

The book itself is excellent. I was fortunate to be given a preprint to review. Everything in there is backed up by contemporary, accurate research. It's completely comprehensive and I couldn't come up with any improvements to the content. If you're interested, the aim is to be ketogenic, with a suggested daily carb intake of 20-50g.

It's got sections explaining the supportive science behind ketogenic diets. It's also got info on the foods you can eat, a new diet portion plate, loads of lifestyle tips in the context of LC, FAQs, types of fats you should eat, alcohol choices, meal plans, recipes and loads more. Buy it!"

Thanks for the hat tip Sam, the low carb high fat news gets better by the day. Whole fresh foods home cooked and control your diabetes/weight with less or (type two's only) zero medication.

Straight thinkers know this makes sense, why fight it?


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