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Friday, 23 January 2015

Saudi Arabia's new King Salman promises continuity !

Saudi Arabian King Salman has pledged continuity, hours after his accession to the throne following the death of his half-brother, King Abdullah.
The new king moved swiftly to appoint heirs and ministers, including one prince from the ruling dynasty's third generation.
King Abdullah died overnight, weeks after being admitted to hospital with a lung infection.
He was buried in an unmarked grave in Riyadh, following Friday prayers.
His burial was conducted in line with the traditions of Wahhabism - the ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam followed by the kingdom - where funerals are austere and simple.
More on this  BBC story here.
So, public beheading, public whippings, hand amputations and torture, imprisonment without trial and suppression of Women's rights will continue. Business as usual for this despotic nation. 
Why do we and the US suck up to these barbarians living in the dark ages? Err.....I know because we make huge amounts of money from the country that supplied most of the 9 11 terrorists. That's the way this world works. The bigger the amount of money we make from despots, the more we tolerate. Then we destroy a country that had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction and 9 11, like Iraq. 

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