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Sunday, 18 January 2015

DCUK forum troll and shill gets owned by low carb member!

"That's exactly my point.
I don't post to get approval from others.
I post to show others what works for me.
Just me, and how I live doesn't need your approval.
I'm happy as I am, and that's what works for me.
I don't need you to be happy for me.
If you need others to approve how you eat, and find them, that's fine as well.
It's down to whatever works." douglas99 post #140

"I don't need others approval either, but I admit that it's not a bad feeling when 4 of my friends who have noticed my drastic physical improvement asked how I did it and are now trying the Diet Doctor's LCHF diet at my suggestion. Two of them aren't even over weight. I suspect a few more may also try it too. I apologize if it makes you jealous or annoyed or whatever when I post how ridiculously successful and easy my LCHF diet has been, but, like you, I figure the more I post about it, the more new people on this forum may want to try it as well. I may even start a "blog" about it on this forum. Feel free to criticize my posts, but try not to be too trolly (is that a word?) - i.e. deliberately misconstrue what I've written. If people want to follow your example and try the Newcastle diet so they can keep eating processed junk food and stay on metformin and other meds, then that's ok with me. Personally, I don't call that "working", but as long as you're happy, that's all that matters and I approve and I'm truly happy for you from the bottom of my heart. I even find it entertaining when you post about the terrible junk food you eat. Please keep that up. I'd never heard of "After Eight" ice cream. Is that a real thing? Amazing! I should peruse the ice cream section more often when I shop. Anyway, I'm off to the gym now to do a little running and weight lifting. Ta ta!" NoCarb4Me #260

For a long time douglas99 has antagonised low carbing members at every opportunity. He does not need to low carb he bellows morning noon and night, my diet works for me he says. His diet he tells us includes Pot Noodles, pies, chips, After Eight chocolate ice cream, pizza, rice and beer. We know this works for duggie, unless he is lying, because he tells us ad nauseam. The problem is, this diet probably only works for him. I know hundreds of non insulin using type two diabetics and can assure you, that sort of diet would have their BG numbers in the danger zone most of the time, but not duggie. He reports that sort of food is not a problem and in no time at all after eating the aforementioned, 4's and 5's are on his BG meter.

OK, let's take a trip into a land of fantasy and accept duggie can hold non diabetic numbers on a diet of junk, why does he have to deliberately antagonise and wind up the low carb members at every opportunity? He clearly takes great pleasure in annoying people. And, perhaps far more importantly, why do the mods Anna and catherincherub, ban, delete and edit members posts who rise to duggies bait, but leave duggies posts to stand? Why is duggie their obvious calender boy?

The management at DCUK have made no secret of the fact, they want to tie in with big pharma, as the low carb team have proved in the recent past. The low carb good news has been deafening on the forum for years, and the last thing big pharma want, is every diabetic going low carb. Diabetics who low carb often talk of a drastic reduction in medication when low carbing, with some type two's requiring no diabetes medication at all. Could it be we have seen so much skulduggery and duplicity from certain DCUK mods over the years, because they are acting on orders from the management? because it suits their long term financial interests? Let's face it, the forum of flog is exactly that, it was created to make money, and there is very little money to be made from junk food and big pharma from low carbers.

Above quotes from DCUK members taken from here. 



douglas99 said...

still haven't got a life of your own yet I see.
It must be sad for you, living on that forum all day.

Am I right, or am I right.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi duggie

For once you are right, I do spend a lot of time on forums and blogs, but so do you. The big difference is you are a loser, you and your low carb anti chums are finished and looking more ridiculous by the day.

BTW When will we be seeing your comments and critique to Trudi, or have you run out of steam. My money is on you keeping well away from Trudi's posts.

Am I right, or am I right!

Mo said...

Douggie, you posted 38 times on that thread with the most ridiculous arguments and pointless questions aimed at trying to wind people up and discredit the new teachings by Trudi.
She then posted and you had plenty of time to challenge her with all your doubts, arguments and to advise her on your own ( pathetic ) diet. So, what did you do ?
Came back with 2 !!! Yes, you read right, 2 pathetic remarks lol ! How brave ! How intelligent ! You must be feeling great knowing you had your chance to question the lady in person but unfortunately your ass fell out of the cheap, baggy Asda jeans you so enjoy wearing :-)