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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Miracle of daily diet jab: £2 drug that helps you lose 19lbs could be available on NHS in months !

The Daily Mail waxes lyrical and is almost orgasmic, about a new wonder drug for weight loss "New Saxenda" some of the benefits they tell us are.

"Liraglutide packs twice the power of rival drugs and lowers blood pressure
The 'life changing' drug raises good cholesterol and prevents diabetes
The jab even produces a feel-good factor, making dieting a pleasure
Patients inject the drug into their stomach each day, suppressing appetite
But there are fears Nice will judge too expensive for routine use on NHS"

This is not a new drug it has been around years and is marketed as Victoza and used by diabetics. In my opinion another useless and dangerous drug no one needs.

What the mail did not tell it's readers, was the numerous side effects of this drug hence the black box cancer warning on the packaging. 

Victoza can cause thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, renal failure or kidney failure, and death. So, at a cost of the thick end of £70 per month per person, we can have millions more risking very serious side effects, and at best might lose some weight, because the drug can make people feel so nauseous they don't want to eat. This ladies and gentleman is called progress. Nothing could serve as a better illustration to the recklessness, greed and skulduggery of big pharma.  

Link to grim complications and death here.

Link to Saxenda propaganda here.

Link to Daily Mail shill work here.



Svetlana Cuss said...

Diabetes Miracle really works. I read some blog articles about it and most of them are positive.

Lowcarb team member said...

And the moon is made of cheddar cheese!