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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dr Trudi Deakin RD: Eat Fat - A Step by Step Guide to Low-Carb Living

Dr Trudi Deakin is the author of the X-PERT Programme and founder and Chief Executive of X-PERT Health. 

Eat Fat - A Step-by-Step Guide to Low Carb Living

“Is a low fat diet good for you?” Most of us will undoubtedly say yes, but is this really the case? It is well documented that the issue of obesity is growing across the world, with it comes the increased risk of:
  •  Heart disease, strokes and fatty liver
  •  Diabetes (Type 2) — which has rapidly become a global epidemic
  •  Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)
There is growing evidence which shows that the popular low fat/high carbohydrate diet is actually a myth and that it may be fuelling the obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemics.  Our researcher have identified that a low carb, high fat lifestyle can beat killer conditions like diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer and dementia and even slow down the ageing process.
UK-renowned specialist, Dr Trudi Deakin (our Chief Executive ) says that this six-step plan will give fresh hope to people who are overweight or are suffering from a long term health condition. A low carb/high fat lifestyle can help people to lose weight and curb obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other health conditions.
We have also identified that eating carbohydrate increases blood glucose levels, which then increases the levels of a hormone called insulin in the blood. This hormone promotes weight gain, prevents weight loss and contributes to other health problems. Eating excess carbs also increases the bad levels of cholesterol particles in the blood. Conditions such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be prevented if the plan is adopted. Even those who already have the conditions may find that their condition is reversed with the right lifestyle.

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