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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

'Wonderful Wednesday'

Have you found the same?

The tail end of 2014 and into 2015 some days have been given extra titles, like  'Black Friday' or 'Blue Monday' for instance. So I thought I'd get in on the act and name this day 'Wonderful Wednesday' - well why not?

It's 'Wonderful' because like Nina Barough, I too feel that, "The world is one big outdoor spa, and membership is free."

How cool is that ?

I'm talking about walking - there's a lot to be said about walking, or being outside, it can be so uplifting.

"Best of all, it's a fantastic cure for the January blues. Recent studies* show that if you walk like you're happy - shoulders back, head held high and striding with purpose - your body can actually fool your brain into feeling genuinely cheerful. So when you start out, don't shuffle along but take confident steps. It helps if you set yourself a challenge. Tell yourself you're going to go once round the park as fast as possible, or leave just before the shops close so you have to power along to get there. Giving yourself a goal and some kind of structure is a huge motivator."

On a simpler note this goal might just be walking to the front gate and back - then next time going to the corner, small steps can make such a difference.

I know of people in wheelchairs who just feel happier by being outside and their carer / friend / relation has taken then for a 'walk around the block'.

So my 'Wonderful Wednesday' is definitely going to involve a walk - come rain or shine I'm going outside.

How about you?

Links to Nina Barough, benefits of walking can be found here

and *recent studies about How We Walk can be found

Happy Walking.

All the best Jan

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