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Saturday 22 August 2015

Diabetes UK still sending diabetics to an early grave.

With so many big pharma sponsors, DUK continue to push a high carb diet at diabetics, the more the carbs, the more the insulin, and drugs required to obtain safe blood glucose numbers. Trouble is, many diabetics following the DUK dietary information never get to a safe BG number. 93% of UK type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c (NHS audited stats) and an early grave awaits them. Fear not, DUK can help with your funeral, no doubt earning a commission on the side. As one of their sponsors Tesco likes to say "Every little bit helps" to keep the money rolling in. 



Nikki (Sarah) said...

sounds like a great recipe. Happy Saturday Jan.....

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Nikki (Sarah) many thanks for your comment.
For diabetics, most will find that when eating a higher amount of carbs such as in this recipe suggestion 44g carb per serving they will have blood sugar spikes which may well raise HbA1c levels to those considered not safe, just check out the NHS audited stats.
Over the last seven years Eddie and all diabetics on the low carb team eat from a LCHF food template - this has resulted in their HbA1c results always being those of a non diabetic, and therefore within a safe range.
Although I am not diabetic I too live the LCHF lifestyle. I have low carbed (50) per day for seven years. It makes perfect sense to me to not base my diet on sugar and starch.

The low carb team eat from a lower carb template, and many of the recipe ideas that Diabetes UK feature do have a higher carb content as we highlighted here.

Of course it is always an individual choice as to what foods we each eat, and if people who have allergies, or other underlying health problems care should always be taken.

If you are a diabetic test is best i.e. use your blood glucose meter.

All the best Jan

Mrs Vimes said...

They need to come to this site to see what they should be eating. We had the beef bourginion slow cooked again today with guests. (Ma in law). Went down very well with broccoli and cauliflower. Just finishing off the bottle of red. One glass went in the pot. 4.9 before eating, 5.3 two hours after. In fact room for two squares of 90% cocoa chocolate.
Cheers Jan.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Mrs Vimes, many thanks for your comment.
The low carb beef bourguignon meal with broccoli and cauliflower is just delicious, and your BS numbers are fantastic. As for two squares of 90% dark chocolate ... what a nice way to end an evening!

If any readers would like the recipe idea it can be found here

Thanks again

All the best Jan