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Sunday 7 February 2016

Mouse study finds links between Psychiatric Disorders And Type 2 Diabetes

Have you considered the possibility these mouse studies are over-rated Mickey?

Link to study here



tess said...

HOW i wish someone would perform an after-study study, and give the depressed mice extra magnesium! It's claimed that Mg insufficiency is rampant in both conditions, and the benefit of being able to use an inexpensive nutritional supplement to at least IMPROVE well-being is far more desirable than more damned SSRIs and insulin....

chris c said...

Interesting! My experience is the other way round. Since early childhood all my symptoms were claimed to be psychiatric in origin, or completely made up. Even my jaundice was "psychosomatic" and "definitely" not caused by gallstones, right up until the gallstones were removed.

Once I started testing my BG it became obvious that the mood swings, along with the drops in physical energy, related closely to rapid drops in my BG following on from the postprandial spikes. BG drops release not only glucagon but cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine among other things, which probably explains why SSRIs didn't work when tricyclics and Venlafaxine did. No longer suffer since I got my BG and insulin levels under control.

I was never accused of being schizophrenic though, and neither were the rest of me.