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Saturday 13 February 2016

My take on type two diabetes medications.

For what my opinion is worth, I have checked out thoroughly every type two diabetes medication available, both current and banned for killing people. Other than Metformin, I would not touch any with a barge pole. I made a decision some time ago, if Metformin and my low carb lifestyle cannot keep me to good BG numbers, I would go straight onto injected insulin. Notice I said good, not great. I tried to get into the 4% club but never got there. I did get to the 5% club within three months of diagnosis. At diagnosis HbA1c of almost 12 and average BG meter readings of 25 mmol, that's x 18 in the US. I.E. 450, very near of the scale.

The rock solid fact is, there is not a type two drug, or even a cocktail of type two drugs, that would have ever got me close to non diabetic numbers. Many type two meds come with side effects, and most are close to useless. Many over weight type two diabetics, are awash with plasma insulin at diagnosis, injected insulin is the last thing they need, it only makes the problem worse, and the problem is insulin resistance, not lack of insulin.

Think about it, if most type two's beta cells are not up to the job, how can so many diabetics remain injected insulin free, and run good BG numbers, for donkeys years after diagnosis, many for the rest of their lives. Of course this can only be done with dietary changes. When the majority of medics and dietitians realise this, we will start making some progress against the epidemics of obesity and the often linked type two diabetes.



Anonymous said...

So what you are really saying is that the low carb diet does not work without Metformin - I see your buddy takes it as well Graham.

Lowcarb team member said...


I have not said that at all. I know many low carbing diabetics who hold good BG numbers who do not use Metformin or any other diabetes drugs.

If you had any knowledge of Metformin you would know the benefits go way beyond BG control.

Come back any time, only too pleased to put you straight.


Nikki (Sarah) said...

I don't really know anything about meds or diabetes but whatever you take or eat, stay healthy. Wishing Jan and buds and happy valentines day and awesome weekend.

Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...
So what you are really saying is that the low carb diet does not work without Metformin - I see your buddy takes it as well Graham.

Haha, yep your right I do take 1 x 500mg daily on the recommendation of my DSN, though you are really naive if you presume LC depends on metformin, but hey if low carb really didn't work without met just think of the damage being done to those on carb laden recommended diets

Check out the limitations of metformin in regard to HbA1c here

Almost eight years of LC yet still only on one metformin daily


chris c said...

Metformin has many benefits quite apart from reducing insulin resistance, one reason many diabetics choose to remain on it, and some doctors are now permitted to prescribe it to "prediabetics" too. Plus not a few nondiabetics choose to take it.

OTOH others have dropped it and found no direct differences in health with or without it when they get their diet sorted.

You'd be lucky to get insulin in the UK though until you have gone through the regime of other oral meds first and still failing to get an A1c below 8%, or 7%, or whatever is the current number for "increasing medication" to be triggered. Yet it is one of the most controllable drugs when you learn to use it correctly.