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Thursday 11 February 2016

Why so many dietitians don't know shit from Shinola !

If you check out high profile US dietitian Hope Warshaw, she reckons low carb is the old dogma, a high carb diet and a bag full of drugs is the way forward. Many dietitians feel the same way. Any experienced diabetic knows a diet comprising of up to 65% carbs will take blood glucose through the roof. Personally I don't know any type two drugs, or even a cocktail of type two drugs that would bring my BG down from the twenties to five. Because that's what my BG numbers would be, on that sort of diet. Maybe she wants all type two's on insulin, and lots of it!

Unfortunately most dietitians advise the same sort of diet of death, as does the NHS, BDA and DUK etc. Let's take an active man on 2500 calories a day, 50% carbs, carbs would equal around 312 grams of carb. Now, here's the deal, try eating whole fresh foods and trying to get to that sort of carb intake. Getting the message? I would have to be on 15,000 calories a day eating my whole fresh foods to get to 300 grams of carb per day i.e six times more food than I eat now. As you can see, the only way I can stick to 2500 calories a day, and consume 50 % carbs, is to eat one hell of a lot of highly processed junk. Of course a diet of cereals, bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits etc. makes the task very easy.

So, eating whole fresh foods, it is impossible to eat the amount of food it would require to get anywhere near 300 plus grams of carb. per day. Eating junk is the only way it can be done. The $64.000 question is why are we being told to eat junk?

I often wonder, how much of the massive profits made by multinational multi $billion turnover junk food conglomerates, is invested in big pharma, it's a no brainer when you think about it.

The choice is yours this sort of food

Or this


From Hope Warshaw aka Old Dog Ma

"Old Dogma: People with type 2 diabetes should follow a low carbohydrate diet.
New Reality: Nutrition recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes from the American Diabetes Association and other health authorities echo the recently unveiled U.S. 2010 Dietary Guidelines (1/31/11) for carbohydrate : about 45 to 65 percent of calories. (Americans currently eat about 45 to 50 percent of calories as carbohydrate--not a "high carb" intake.)" Here.

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Looks like Hope has cut up rough, can't think for the life of me why.


chris c said...

Any competent livestock farmer will tell you they feed grains to animals specifically to fatten them, and if they overfeed grains, especially wheat, the animals become ill in a curiously similar way to humans.

Dieticians overfeed humans on grains. Nuff said.

chris c said...

Hahaha "please select all images containing steak" that's more like it . . .

Cranberry Morning said...

We're being told to eat junk because the big drug companies depend on it. My friend is a diabetic. I was with her at the hospital when her diabetic doctor came into her room and showed her his own insulin pump and how to gauge how much insulin you'll need to counteract something you want to eat. Then her tray was brought in. It had, I kid you not, a few meatballs, then mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, and a piece of apple crumble for dessert. My brother, on the other hand, had been to all kinds of doctors for his wildly fluctuating and dangerous blood sugar. The last doctor told him that he didn't know how to help him but had heard of a book. My brother read the book, The Atkins Diabetes Revolution, followed the plan, and within four days his numbers were normal. That was maybe 5 years ago. He sticks with it and has conquered diabetes. No drugs. I bought a copy for my friend and told her of my brother's experience. She won't read it because she has a *doctor* to advise her. She's now a 'club member' of the drug companies.

Debbie said...

i hold my head in shame!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a crime that in 2016 dietitians are still endorsed as professionals in the field. Making derogatory comments about the knowledge of others including medical professionals and others alike.

Utterly ridiculous and a gross waste of tax payers money. Luckily the majority of folk are now catching on that the Low-Fat dietary advice provided by self styled 'trusted and elite professionals in the field' demonstrates complete ignorance about their actual V's perceived level of knowledge in the field. But too embarrassed to do a complete U-turn - however interestingly they soon be forced to stop vilifying saturated fat and no longer be able to differentiate between 'good' and 'bad' fats. And we are supposed to trust who exactly to know about nutrition...?