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Saturday 8 September 2012

Books One mans life saver is another mans doorstop !

For years I have heard ‘we are all different’ on diabetes forums. Usually it’s someone pushing a ludicrous diet or drug regime looking for an out from the debate, or very often a full scale verbal punch up. Up until recently I disagreed, but I have changed my mind, I was 100% wrong. Take books for an example. One man at diagnosis goes out and researches very thoroughly to learn about diabetes, let’s call him Steven. He  reads websites, forums and blogs. He sees names such as Bernstein, Taubes, Kendrick and many others cropping up time and time again. He buys the books, changes his diet, takes up running, and good grief ! his next HbA1c is in the fours !!!  Improved lipids, loses weight. All achieved on zero diabetes medication !

Let’s take another guy, let’s call him Nigel. He is a healthcare professional, his father was a healthcare professional. He believes healthcare professionals all know what they are talking about. Our Nige doesn’t read books, and books by Bernstein, Taubes, Kendrick are only written to cause controversy and make people money. Nige never read any of these writers works, but comments on them with his clone Sid Bonkers, who has also not read these books. Nige doesn’t need books to show him the way, or so he thinks. Now, if Nige had read Bernstein years before he posted this, and all those years he had been using insulin, he wouldn’t have  looked a complete bonehead. Just imagine, after years of being a HCP, and years of using insulin, he did not even know the basics on insulin use and storage. October 2009Thread Re: storage and use of insulin.

gbtyke October 16th, 2009, 1:47 pm
Don't keep insulin pens etc. in the fridge because the low temperature slows the action of the insulin, keep them at ambient room temperature, not too hot, not too cold.

The pens Fergus refers to here are the refillable ones.

Prefilled pens should be stored in the Fridge - except for the one that you are currently using. That should be kept at room temperature. When it is running low take the next one out the day before you are going to use it.

Noblehead October 16th, 2009, 3:52 pm


That's interesting, I did not know that the pen currently used can be stored at room teperature. I also didn't know that low temperature slows the action of insulins. I have always kept my novorapid pen in the fridge, and only taking out when injecting. I think from now on I will keep it at room temperature.

Regards Nigel

Over to you Nigel



John said...

He's a HCP! Can you imagine the advice he's giving to diabetics! Begs belief

Lowcarb team member said...

This is from noblehead who reckons we should follow the advice of our health care teams.

"I have seen dieticians, read books, spoke to my diabetic care team, and none have offered any constructive advice on controlling weight. Reading this forum has been helpful, and reading other peoples experiences in controlling their diabetes and improving Hba1c's, has been inspirational !

I can't recollect at any time been given advice on reducing carbs to control weight. I have always been told to eat plenty of carbs at every meal, together with the usual meat and veg. Once I was told that a bowl of cereal for breakfast was insufficient, and should include 2 slices of toast also. Looking back I can now see how flawed this advice/information has been."

Methinks Nigel must have been reading the wrong books!


fibreclaireUK said...

Well, maybe its not just the insulin he is injecting in his bottom.......

Re: storage and use of insilin

Postby noblehead » October 25th, 2009, 6:56 pm

Good advice about the speed of the insulin at room temperature. I now inject after eating to prevent a hypo post mealtimes. Something else I have recently started, I have for the first time started to inject in my buttocks ( sound like Forest Gump 'I got shot in the buttocks' ) and find this more comfortable, and I am sure this is faster at absorbing. Always knew you could, but never fancied injecting there. As I can't inject in stomach, I thought I would give my legs a rest.



Lowcarb team member said...

"I know that 9lb is no big deal, and I still have a long way to go to get to my ideal weight. I just feel a bit miffed that I had to find out myself by reading this forum to gain this information. Somewhere, there has got to be a radical change in advice given to patients with diabetes!

Same thread. So our Nigel learns from people like Fergus the number one lowcarber, then dumps on them.The same as the old fraud Kenny boy. He too thanked lowcarbers for saving him then dumped on them.

The most two faced shits in the history of DCUK. Why ? what makes these guttersnipes tick ?


Lowcarb team member said...

"A short extract from the online diabetes magazine, which Cugila posted on, long deleted I am sure. We have the full articles. Anyone wanting the full transcripts can contact us via our website.

“If it wasn't for the help and advice I found on that Forum. There were many good people there who give up their time freely to help and advise people. I have to mention the Moderators, Sugarless Sue, Dennis, Fergus, Totsy and many others such as Eddie, Trinkwasser and so many others whose advice I gratefully took on board. They all helped me in one way or another. All unpaid and unbiased.That NHS 'healthy' diet for me was totally wrong. It may well be Ok for others but I cannot understand why alternative diets are not thought worthy of a mention ? The Diabetic Observer"

From Ken aka Cugila three years ago.


Anonymous said...

It's a pity that the Duck and Ediot's posts are still not on DCUK. Everyone would see what an obnoxious pair they are and always will be.

Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...
"It's a pity that the Duck and Ediot's posts are still not on DCUK. Everyone would see what an obnoxious pair they are and always will be."

Dear chap/chapess/other I'm not surprised my posts are not on DCUK, that could possibly be down to the fact I've never been a member of DCUK or any other forum.

The Duck knows seen the pond life!!
Dick Duck

Lowcarb team member said...

Obnoxious anonymous internet troll said...

"It's a pity that the Duck and Ediot's posts are still not on DCUK. Everyone would see what an obnoxious pair they are and always will be"

Your wrong there are posts by him here: Ediots posts enjoy.


Anonymous said...

"Your wrong there are posts by him here: Ediots posts enjoy."

Haha love the link to the biggest ediot on the DCUK forum.