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Sunday 23 September 2012

It’s official, I’m a mentally deranged evangelist !

Over on the forum of fun a new member is rocking the boat. A GP for 20 years with a special interest in diabetes (including type 2) he proudly proclaims. It’s not often a serial killer is captured alive, but this guy turned himself in. As most lowcarbing and informed diabetics know we are considered a blot on the landscape by most healthcare professionals. The same goes for Carboholic diabetics whose brains have been addled by years of substance abuse. I used to wonder what motivated a lowcarb high fat anti, now I know, their nutters to a man and woman. This guy takes lunacy to a whole new level, but I suspect he speaks for many healthcare professionals. Check out his post below.

"Actually, you know what, forget my last post. I think I've stumbled onto a site for mentally derranged evangelists.

What reason's are there that a T2 shouldn't have an HbA1c of less than 7%...??/? Now let me think:

1. They're overweight (despite their best efforts - yes they have a life) and have significant insulin resistance.
2. They are unresponsive to oral therapy as most treatments after metformin cause weight gain and make their insulin resistance worse
3. They are elderly and don't understand or want to change their lifestyle
4. They are normal people who have lives (did I mention that already?) and quality of life is more important to them than quantity and don't want to change their lifestyles
5. All oral treatments have failed and they end up on insulin which makes them put on more weight, which makes their insulin resistance worse , which leads to higher levels of insulin which makes them put on more weight etc etc
6. They want to live in denial and won't engage in the treatment of their diabetes
7. they don't (or won't) accept the risks of poorly controlled diabetes.
8. They have low IQ's and can't understand the management requirements for diabetes
9. They come from poor socio-economic backgrounds and can't afford or don't have the experience of cooking healthy low fat/low carb meals

Welcome to THE REAL WORLD. This is an average diabetic population, you should all get yourselves out there and look at them some time.

Oh and did I mention - they have a life (outside of diabetes)?"

Welcome to THE REAL WORLD he bellows, yes this is the real world, a world that he and his kind created. As can be seen on the forum on a daily basis. New members joining with horror stories regarding the abysmal care received from their medics. Dietary advice guaranteed to lead to higher BG numbers and future complications. Drugs prescribed that are either useless or banned because of the high death rates. Test strips withheld for most type two’s, the list of catastrophic failure getting longer with every NHS audit published. Woefully inadequate NICE guidelines regarding HbA1c that the Doctor David’s of the real world can’t get close to. Can anyone think of a successful business in the real world where this sort of failure rate would be tolerated for a week ? Don’t forget I’m not talking about finding a cure for diabetes here, all that is required is some sensible advice such as eating to your blood glucose meter, some sound dietary advice, and the truth regarding HbA1c safe targets. The NHS and DUK have failed to combat the epidemic of type two diabetes, and they will keep on failing until all the Doctor David’s have retired, and the vice like grip of corrupt big pharma is broken.



Lowcarb team member said...

“Oh and did I mention - they have a life (outside of diabetes)?”
Could I ask did they also have a:


Fisher for Souls said...

Ah the bliss of arrogant ignorance. We can now understand the reasons behind the outstanding success of the Health Care Professional in realising only 24% of diabetics achieving an HbA1c less than 7.5%.

Health Care Professionals? Yes they receive a salary.

tess said...

" Can anyone think of a successful business in the real world where this sort of failure rate would be tolerated for a week ?"

bang on!

{insert name here} said...

Good to see the BoBs, the lady Defren, Pneu and Cherub all join forces to give the idiot gp the kicking he deserved.

Of course the fully paid up DUK lackeys Bonkers and Nobhead wouldn't dream of being critical but then they probably agree with what the gp said anyway.