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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Look after your feet !

These days I’m pretty much retired and on a very limited income. Having said that, I never spent much money on clothes when I earned good money. I have always hated shopping for clothes, but for as long as I can remember, I have coveted good shoes. Since being a diabetic I take good shoes and socks very seriously. A firm I have found make great shoes and boots, and I highly recommend is Brasher. No, I don’t sell them or know anyone that works for the company, but their shoes are great.

I appreciate their shoes are not cheap but what price do you put on your feet ? If you cannot afford to buy new check out ebay. I once bought my wife a brand new pair of Brasher walking shoes in the box for £30. These had been bought in error and did not fit the purchaser. A good tip is to buy some good thick cotton or wool socks before trying on walking shoes or boots. If you are buying from eBay buy a pair one size bigger than your usual shoes. If when you receive them, and putting on your thick wool or cotton socks they do not feel like slippers, re-list them on eBay and sell them. At the worst you will loose a small fee and postage charge. Look after your feet and they will look after you !
Brasher walking shoe.

Countrymaster® GTX® for men



Anonymous said...

They are truly horrid shoes

Lowcarb team member said...

"They are truly horrid shoes"

It is true they are not the most fashionable of shoes, but I have complete and healthy feet to fill them.


Lowcarb team member said...

Please form an orderly queue ladies.

From a very early age, I realised I had one hell of a grip on the opposite sex. Women threw themselves at my feet wherever I went. More sex than you could throw a stick at, but then I realised, it was my Chris Brasher shoes.