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Tuesday 11 September 2012 Sensational Bent Mod Exposé !


Who is the bent mod trolling for Kenny boy ? Who's giving information to Carbo ? Ken said "I was only following orders"  was he telling the truth ? Why is Noblehead editing three year old posts ? Why is Noblehead worried about the truth being exposed ? What is the real agenda of the DCUK management ? How have the lowcarb anti clique lasted so long ? are they following orders ? Are the members being mugged ? Find out here soon !

Special once in a life time deal, get your 'proper mug' mug for only £19.99


Anonymous said...

From the Carbo blog.

"He might have suggested an Atkins type low carb junk food franchise. You know, the type of foods marketed to gullible low carbers, full of additives and dubious fillers."

"I can put you in touch with a mug...salesman ;) I think I know who he is, a proper mug............"

"They are too dear at £19.99 and I wouldn't trust him"

Unilever said...

We have selling our dubious products for far longer than Atkins, for over 40 years the gullible low fat dieters have been consuming our products.

Nothing quite like a slice of toast smothered in healthy industrial trans fats.