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Friday 14 September 2012

Our youngest Grand Daughter five months on.

Some may remember the story posted on here regarding our youngest grand daughter. She came into the world very suddenly and was delivered by her father, at home. Her father is our third eldest son. Here she is five months on and doing great.

A few hours old.


Anonymous said...

Your grand daughter looks lovely, you must be very proud.

Enjoy this very special time.


Anonymous said...

As the Stevie Wonder song goes "Isn't she lovely"

Thanks for sharing this Eddie, you and your family are so lucky to have a little one like this.

All the very best

fibreclaireUK said...

How lovely, thank you for sharing this XXX

Lowcarb team member said...

"Your grand daughter looks lovely, you must be very proud."

Yes she does look lovely. thankfully she does not take after her grandad!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely girl and a gorgeous smile.