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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Christmas cake

Sorry I am not posting the recipe in the open blog, I don’t want to be awkward, but this recipe was devised between myself and my late father-in-law Mungo Mutt., alleged love child of Monty Beantipper. Mutt posted the recipe on an open forum and promptly received death threats, a law suit, and a visit from Paulie the wrench and Mickie the pipe, and is still an ongoing issue!!

Some oaf reckons the recipe is copyrighted and was nicked from him, he is about to bring out a cookery book and has gone ape.

Happy to send out the recipe via PM to anyone who wants it. Please address to Mungo Mutt (deceased).

Special Agent Dick Duck says, be very careful about divulging personal and private information via forum PM systems, you never know where it will lead to.

Look what happened to Mungo, he ended up at the bottom of the Hudson wearing a concrete overcoat


Anonymous said...

Why can't she just put one message up, "PM me for the recipe" rather than taking up pages and pages of people's requests?

If you do PM her DO NOT put in any personal details.

Anonymous said...

I made this comment a couple of days ago on Quote of the Month but having seen this item I felt strongly enough to repeat it.

"I have teenage children and one of the first things they learn before going on to computers, chat rooms, forums etc. is be careful and think, if something doesn't look quite right it probably isn't quite right. WhitbyJet and others may well be an innocent here but she does seem to like getting people to pm her. I question why does she want this, to me it seems unusual.
As my children quote to me 'mum never divulge any personal details no matter how innocent it seems and don't be lured into conversations over the world wide web with people you don't know.'
Am I being a bit too cautious, better to be safe than sorry springs to mind."


Lowcarb team member said...

"If you do PM her DO NOT put in any personal details."

Sounds good advice to me !