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Thursday 6 September 2012 lowcarb antis selling statins like drug reps !

Optimists these days learn English, pessimists learn Chinese, but realists learn how to lowcarb.

Over at our favourite forum the lowcarb high fat antis are working 24/7 flogging statins, they love them and feel they are wondrous drugs. The antis are conformers, they do what their Doctors tell them. They base their meals on carbs and take whatever drugs necessary to control blood glucose. That’s cool with me, I can appreciate they are addicted to sugars and starches, let’s face it, some experts say sugar is as addictive as heroin, who am I to argue. My long term beef with the antis is that they want to turn everyone they can corrupt into fellow junkies. This weeks big sell by the pushers are statins. The antis big statin sell started when a member posted this.

“I was worried about my high cholesterol....271mg/dl up from 230mg/dl a month before should be under 200mg/ I started reading about cholesterol. It seems that the numbers don’t mean that much and I should not be too worried. I read about statins being the answer, but no not for me after reading about all the side affects.

Then I read a story about a doctor telling some one that cholesterol is made by your own can your own liver make something that will be harmful to you ? it goes on to say only a small percentage of cholesterol comes from food we eat and most is made by our own liver and for good reason.

If I had never started Atkins my sugar would have been out of control and my body making more and more cholesterol until it did clog my arteries and stroke...heart disease. So I have a good reason to stay on Atkins lifestyle. I wish some health care worker had told me this a long time ago....but the drug companies love to get us all on their statins…”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty spotonski to me. Almost immediately the drug pushers butts clenched, and the junk meds sales force went into overdrive, when another member stated “Agree when you say that "numbers don’t mean that much" Nobhead posted “Numbers certainly mean a lot to me, do you work in Cardiovascular Health Geoff?” (At this stage it is worth noting good old Nige works in healthcare and has stated on the forum he does not take statins) as usual the lowcarb anti clique went into overdrive in the usual fashion. A link to the thread can be found below. So, what are the facts regarding total cholesterol numbers and incidence of heart disease ? The answer, there is no correlation what-so-ever, nil, zilch. As usual the antis got it 100% wrong.

The Word Health Organisation set up a huge study called MONICA looking at cholesterol numbers and heart disease. The people with the lowest cholesterol number Australian Aborigines had the lowest cholesterol but the highest heart disease in the world. The French have high cholesterol numbers and a heart disease risk 30 times lower. The Swiss have the highest cholesterol in the world but their heart disease is only one third of the UK. See first link below, a must watch video.

Think twice before you ask your Doctor if statins will be good for you. Check out the thread links below to the thread, and the less than two minute video from an expert on statin drugs. Make up you own minds, I have, statins are not for me, and I’ve had angioplasty and stents. I would rather go out with a fatal heart attack than spend my last years crippled by statin damage. Ian who posted his story on this blog, stated statins very nearly crippled him, Graham a lowcarb diabetic team member here suffered horribly when on statins. When he stopped taking them he went back to good health in  a few weeks. Have you ever wondered why big pharma has to spend $billions pushing and promoting statins over the years ? If they were that good they would sell themselves. Statins are a $29 billion a year industry. Ask yourself is big pharma interested in you, or profit ?



Anonymous said...

Surely noblehead should be setting a good example, as his total cholesterol is over the 4 ceiling set for diabetics he should be taking statins.!


Anonymous said...

Just love this statement "Optimists these days learn English, pessimists learn Chinese, but realists learn how to lowcarb."

And how low carb has helped so many, I just wish a few more would open their eyes. Looking positively even if one a day discovers more about low carbing a difference is being made.

Talking about statins, as is shown in the title, I would urge people to think carefully about taking them, or indeed the need to take them. Members at my local diabetes group have experienced side effects and not good ones. Probably there are those who have not experienced ill side effects, but I believe from both first hand accounts and various reviews there are more bad side effects than good ones. Read the information, watch the videos and make an informed choice.It is YOUR health after all.


Anonymous said...

Some medicine is greatly needed to give relief from diseases such as cancer but looking at the available evidence I too would have to question the need for statins.

Research all the information and evidence that is readily available, look at the item here on this blog about the $29 billion a year industry that is statins and yes ask yourself "is big pharma interested in you, or profit ? "