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Tuesday 10 March 2015

DCUK Syd wins the Golden Gezza !

In a special all night sitting of the board of trustees the vote was unanimous. The trustees agreed, after little deliberation, Syd is the most annoying person, and the biggest buffoon to grace the world of diet related blogging, and forum posting since Duggie boy the clone of Kenny boy, aka a thousand other forum identities.

Chairman of the board of trustees, Roger (keto warrior) Jenkins stated today “The low carb antis have spouted complete bollocks for years, but Syd has taken total bullcrap to a new level. Even when he falls down a sinkhole he never stops digging, this nutter has to have the last word, even when he is wrong, he's completely batshit"

Lord Beantipper was less complimentary and clearly wound up said "Syd is a complete menace, and it is very clear to see he is straight out of the Kenny boy camp, monumental noise but nothing new to say. Even when you consider the total rubbish posted by the high carb high priestess and carboholic high meds junkie Phoenix, Syd is in a world of his own"

The Low Carb Diabetic's chief scientific adviser had this to say.

"We have hypothesised for a long time that a level of bullshit so incredibly high as to be almost incalculable could theoretically occur, but now it appears that we may be close to proving its existence. DCUK bullshit research enjoyed its golden age in the days when Kenny boy was at the helm. The Clueless, the Useless, and the Hopeless elements were all discovered, who together heavily promoted the US food pyramid, but it was probably the discovery of the Total F**kwit aka Sid Bonkers, just a few years ago, which revitalized the entire field and led directly to this newest breakthrough. Scientists have dubbed this latest discovery the DCUK Clan Particle. The Clan Particle, if confirmed, will represent a level of bullshit several magnitudes above even the total F**kwit. Dr. Crust explained it really is almost impossible to overstate just how high a level of bullshit we are talking about here, it was ever thus.

So there you have it folks, where will Syd turn up next? Is the man beyond redemption? Will he end his days in the elephants grave yard, known as the Carbsane asylum for the doomed talking to himself?

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