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Saturday 28 March 2015

Monsanto lobbyist was offered a glass of Roundup weedkiller during an interview on Canal+ after claiming it was perfectly safe to drink !

Patrick Moore (no not that one) works on behalf of the company Monsanto and their weedkiller product Roundup.

He was being interviewed by the French language station in reference to the accusation made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) last week that the product was "probably carcinogenic to humans". Specifically this was in connection to reports that the product is causing cancer rates to increase in Argentina.
The active ingredient in question is glyphosate which is linked by the WHO to Parkinson’s disease, infertility and other health problems.
Monsanto, on the other hand, claim that is safe.
Going further than just denying the danger, lobbyist Dr Patrick Moore said: "You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you."
His interviewer responded: "You want to drink some? We have some here."
The back and forth then continued:
Moore: "I'd be happy to actually. Not really, but..."
Interviewer: "Not really?"
Moore: "I know it wouldn't hurt me."
Interviewer: "If you say so, I have some glyphosate.."
Moore: "No, no I'm not stupid."
Interviewer: "Okay, so, you... so it's dangerous right?"
Moore: "No. People try to commit suicide with it and fail fairly regularly."
Interviewer: "Tell the truth. It's dangerous."
Moore: "It's not dangerous to humans. No. It's not."
Interviewer: "So are you ready to drink one glass of glyphosate?"
Moore: "No, I'm not an idiot."
Dr Moore then left, telling the interviewer he was a "complete jerk".
It's quite a splendid example of someone making a claim and being completely called out on it.
Link to story here. Eddie


Anonymous said...

Perfectly safe to eat. My Arse!
Dr Moore what planet are you living on?

Lowcarb team member said...

I take it this is the same 'Roundup' I've used in the past that states on the user instructions that it is only 'Safe' to let children and pets play in the garden once the product has totally dried so how the fu*k can it be safe to drink in its liquid form?...Answer...It isn't!! as demonstrated by Patricks reluctance to put his money where his mouth is! Oh dear oh dear!!


Anonymous said...

Monsanto what with 'Roundup' and their GM Crops God help us all.