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Saturday 14 March 2015

What 6 Months of Eating High-Fat Did To My Body.

Check this video out. Well worth your time, a very honest Woman talks about Women's problems and how a high fat diet helped her immensely. BTW not just for Women. Eddie


Leaf Eating Carnivore said...

What a great video! I usually don't bother to listen to spoken stuff, being both short on time and intensely visual, but your information was sound and relevant, and you presented in a very positive and relatable way.

I hope you follow up with more info about the very tantalizing subject threads left dangling (i.e. plastics and their oozes).

I'm certainly going to watch some more of your stuff. And forward this to some friends.


Anonymous said...

What a great video, she is very bubbly and natural and puts the points over in a great way.


Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

I do so agree, I tooenjoyed watching this video, and think it will help many.

All the best Jan