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Thursday 26 March 2015

Formula 1 Is it on the way out ?

After one race the outcome is already over. Short of WW3 Mercedes have already won the constructors championship and Lewis will be world champion, probably. Red Bull aren't going to get a look in, and are moaning like a bunch of whimps ha ha. Ferrari or Williams have an outside chance of picking up a race win or two, if they get lucky.

The cars sound like a knackered lawn mower, and checking race track lap records, records were set on some of the fastest tracks around ten years ago. In short, F1 has not been a sport for years, if the next races are like the Australian GP reading Duggie the divers blog will be more interesting.

Just for a larf check out the ticket prices for this years British GP at the link below, no wonder that geriatric dwarf Ecclestone  is a billionaire. I asked Bernie for a comment before posting this, he replied swiftly.  What larks as Dillinger would say. Eddie

Link to the rip off here.

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