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Saturday 29 October 2016

Butternut Squash Soup with Chicken, Coconut and Ginger : Dairy Free

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere it really is the time of year to be thinking about delicious, warming soups. Take this one for example, it's a great moderate/low carb and dairy free recipe idea from Swedish chef Birgitta Höglund (pictured below) who has featured on the Diet Doctor site and also has a low carb/Paleo recipe blog with more delicious recipes.

This butternut-squash soup is wholesome, warming and dairy-free - not only does this soup have such a vibrantly beautiful color, - butternut squash also contains a lot of beneficial nutrients. Reason perhaps to include this vegetable in our menu plans ...

This recipe is from Birgitta’s cookbook 'Low Carb High Fat and Paleo Slow Cooking' where the ethos is "Many people simply prefer to eat simple, natural food without preservatives" ... sounds good to me.

Here are the ingredients you will need to serve four people:
(14g carbs per serving)

1 butternut squash, about 2.2 lbs (1kg)
3 1⁄3 oz. (100 ml) coconut oil (with coconut flavor)
½ – 1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon red chili flakes
1 2-inch (5 cm) piece of fresh ginger
2 cloves of garlic
6¼ fl. oz. (200 ml) finely chopped leek, white only
1 tablespoon turmeric
3 1⁄3 fl. oz. (100 ml) homemade chicken stock or 1 organic chicken stock cube + 3⅓ fl. oz. (100 ml) water
2 cups (500 ml) coconut cream
3½ fl. oz. (400 ml) water
Juice from 1 lime
1 2⁄3 cups (400 ml) shredded cooked chicken

The Preparation/Cooking Instructions are on Diet Doctor site here

"Butternut squash is one of the most nutritious and healthiest vegetables you can eat, with a rich array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as significant amounts of digestive fiber. It not only tastes great, it is also low in calories, yet surprisingly filling. Many people would do well to replace fattening potato products with the far healthier and nutritionally superior butternut squash" ... find out more here

Hope you may enjoy a delicious bowl of this soup soon

All the best Jan


eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love all kinds of soups. Some day I will try the butternut squash soup. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy weekend!

Tom said...

a taste for the season

Unknown said...

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Lowcarb team member said...

That's cool with us Jerry. Good luck and health to you and yours.


Christine said...

This looks delicious!

Martha said...

Very yummy!

JFM said...

Definitely yummy looking and beautiful, too!!!
Have a lovely evening and a beautiful Sunday~

Gail said...

This sounds great.

I go the half healthy direction. I use the squash but I bake it with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in the center. Not exactly completely healthy but it surely tastes good.

Magic Love Crow said...

Thank you! I know my mom is going to love this one too!

Unknown said...

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P.S.: I did not notice your website before. So, the link is actually to there because I think it offers more information and resources to visitors. I hope you do not mind.

The Happy Whisk said...

Yummy stuff, that butternut.

Red Rose Alley said...

This soup would be so tasty, especially during the cold winter months. Thanks for sharing, Jan.


LCHF Made in Sweden said...

Thank you all, and a special thank's to Jan for sharing my recipes <3

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello everyone

Just taking time to say thanks to all of you who have read this recipe idea, and special thanks to all of you who took time to leave a comment.

Special mention to Birgitta (LCHF Made in Sweden) whose recipe this is ... it's such a lovely recipe ... made to share with those looking for a tasty soup!

Wishing everyone a Happy November

All the best Jan