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Tuesday 4 October 2016

BBC Panorama -Diabetes: The Hidden Killer BBC Documentary 2016

Published on Oct 3, 2016
Britain is in the grip of a health epidemic that's threatening to overwhelm the NHS. More and more of us are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It's a hidden killer which can lead to heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations. Now even children are being diagnosed with the condition. Filming over six months, Panorama reports from the frontline of the epidemic - in Birmingham, where almost one in ten people has the disease.



Jean Irvin said...

How depressing! The only solution they seem to be able to come up with is bariatric surgery - heavily promoted by a bariatric surgeon - and one short comment at the end that people should 'change their lifestyles'.

Anonymous said...

Ended up almost spitting at the screen. Bloody unbelievable!
Not enough mention of diet or lifestyle change.
When are eyes going to be opened?


Galina L. said...

Eddie, just check comments readers left on ADA website It looks like more people question the idea that beans are good source of proteins and other ADA nonsense. Probably, soon ADA would listen only thous who need an excuse to eat bread ans candies.

Lynda said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.... what a miserable program. One lady was asked "is there any vegetable you like"... after much thought "I like sprouts". Shit. Keep up the good work you do here with this blog, sad there was no mention that people can control diabetes by eating low carb.

Harry said...

Was it me or am I going blind....

But all the food I saw people eating on this show was all HIGH CARB foods.

I can't stop eating chocolate , that guys needs to get a grip of himself, he has 2 very young children and comes out with a childish statement.

Sorry if anyone feels I am being harsh, but I view diabeties as a bomb that is going off in our bodies every second of everyday.

To some extent, I can understand it from that young Asian man, but his mother feeding him chappaties and curry and not keeping an eye on her son, is neglect in my view.!!!

Change is now hard, find something to focus on and do it for yourself, as the alternative is not a good place to be.

Anyway I am coming off my soap box.

Take care all.

Galina L. said...

Why a mother with a diabetic husband thinks it is necessary to keep a constant supply of chocolate "treats" for her kids? To develop a chocolate addiction in a future generation?

Galina L. said...

It is a long movie, and I have just watched all of it. It was never ever mentioned that people could eat small quantities of fat+protein or just fat foods and avoid elevated blood sugar. The movie told about bariatric surgery as the perfect solution. Even pre-surgery diet included porridge.

Lowcarb team member said...


This post has already had a lot of views/reading and is still doing so.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views here.

The low carb team is still working hard to spread the news about living the LCHF lifstyle, and the improvement it brings to diabetics (and non diabetics). So many medical professionals will recommend anything other than the correct diet for a diabetic.