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Thursday 6 September 2012

Noblehead the lowest form of human life ?

Many at have watched Noblehead’s antics over the years. He is without doubt the most gutless little quisling I have ever come across. Not long ago, he implied that a forum member, namely Borofergie, was a liar. When Fergie questioned him and asked him to prove his comment or offer an apology Noblehead accused Fergie of bullying him and went screaming to the moderators for help. Noblehead has spent four years on the forum ridiculing lowcarbers and pushing medication at every opportunity. In short, he is a waste of space and nothing more than an anonymous troll, with nothing to do but cause trouble. He has had plenty of run ins with forum lowcarbers and has lost every single argument.

Today he surpassed himself, and sunk straight to the bottom of his excrement filled barrel, he thinks is a life. He brought his disabled Mother into the argument. We have seen many times before, the last line of defence for the gutless and the dammed, is to play the sympathy card. He had taken Fergie on re books. Noblehead has a problem with books. Any book commented on that he does not agree with is dross. He makes sweeping statements on books by Taubes, Bernstein and Kendrick, but proudly boasts he has never read them. Bonkers states the same, but Bonkers did see a video once on Taubes., so he says.

Check out these posts. Many condemning Noblehead have been removed, by the ex mod Kenny boy’s shill, the Mod Anna. Noblehead brought his poor disabled Mother into the frame just to try and score a point over Fergie. All men make mistakes, all would change some of their past if they could. But, they can console themselves, that they never sunk so low, as the anonymous and cowardly Noblehead.


"Just to reply to your post Stephen without derailing the OP's Cholesterol and diabetes thread.

Now you said in your reply after calling people ''Ignorant'' who don't read books:

''Books are knowledge. Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance. In a world of libraries, second hand books, free e-books, and audiobooks there really is no excuse for not "reading". There is certainly no excuse for openly critising a book that you have never read, especially if you somehow perceive the contents as controversial. With that type of thinking there would be no Origin of Species, no Wealth of Nations, no Das Kapital...''

But what about people who cannot read anymore due to a stroke for example, my mother had a stroke 3 years ago and hasn't read a book since and her short term memory is shot, is she 'without knowledge' or how you like to put it ''IGNORANT''?

Disability charities would be appalled at anyone saying such a thing about people who are disadvantaged in society and simply cannot read books, you really need to look always at the bigger picture and not think that everyone is in the same position as youself.

Just one more thing, there are many things in life we learn without the need to read a book, for example walking, riding a bike, learning to drive, swimming, forming a relationship, traveling and much much more, the greatest University in the world as my Lecturer once said is ''The University of Life''......"


Worst post ever. Unnecessarily confrontational.

Absolutely abhorrent the way you dragged your own disabled mother, and disability charities in just to get a point across. Shame on you.

This thread is gonna be a prime example of Godwins Law.

by librarising

"Let's not forget it was noblehead posting the following

So you don't Geoff and just read a few books

Why be so dismissive of book readers ?

Without that snide remark we wouldn't be here now.


Thank you to the member who emailed us the evidence before Anna deleted.


PS Check out Noblehead squirming to win the argument.

Edit. Thread locked by lowcarb anti supporter and Ken shill Anna29 at 23.54 what would the antis do without Anna and Daisy ?


John said...

Is it true – there are people criticising books without having read the books? It beggars belief; next they will be burning said books.

On a brighter note it does illustrate to the discerning reader the irrational fundamentalism of such posters.

Anonymous said...

This condescending comment was posted by that jumped up little prat noblehead.

"Anyway I can see that you now realise what you said was wrong and could be taken out of context so I'll say no more on the matter, you should be more careful in the words you use in future and how it may be percieved to readers who don't know your personality."


Anonymous said...

Noblehead is shameless and not an ounce of self respect.

Lowcarb team member said...

"This condescending comment was posted by that jumped up little prat noblehead."

Picking up on this here's another comment from the prat!!!

"that is dear boy the whole purpose of the thread!!!!

Arrogance personified from a jumped up little prat.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” Confucius


Lowcarb team member said...

"I hate the way that they try to shut every thread down. Especially when Nigel and his buddies are losing the argument."

This quote from Borofergie reminds me of the numerous occasions when Nigel and his buddies have used that tactic to get threads locked.


Lowcarb team member said...

"I hate the way that they try to shut every thread down. Especially when Nigel and his buddies are losing the argument."

This has now been deleted by the moderators two were on line Osidge and smidge, my moneys on Osidge who's always been anti low carb.


Lowcarb team member said...

Noblehead would sell his own Mother to propagate his warped and flawed methods of diabetes control. He and others like him are the reason for the diabolical NHS diabetes stats.

He works as a healthcare professional need I say more. He and his kind are a disgrace to the NHS. Fortunately he is not a typical example. I believe the NHS is the finest health service in the world, but it is not perfect. Morons and imbeciles like Noblehead need weeding out.


Lowcarb team member said...

Thread now locked by Anna29 who previously "neutralised" ??? it by deleting the posts by those that did not agree with noblehead!