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Sunday 8 February 2015

British seagulls becoming 'fat slobs' after eating too much takeaway food.

Seagulls are putting their lives at risk by piling on the pounds after eating too many takeaways.

That's the finding of new research into the eating habits of urban gulls.

Those feeding along the Merseyside coast are now said to be eating more and more human food such as discarded burgers, pastries and other fatty snacks.

And the study carried out by the University of Liverpool says this could lead to them putting on weight and developing health problems.

Marine biologist Dr Jonathan Green said: “The urban birds are eating more human food – and it’s possible they could gain weight or suffer chronic illnesses or heart disease in the future.”

The warning came after researchers studied the food consumed by black-headed gulls at 11 feeding points along the Merseyside coast.

They were offered a choice of man-made white bread or natural fish.

Full Daily Mirror story here.



Anonymous said...

So humans, cats and dogs and now seagulls are piling on the pounds from carbage.

Anonymous said...

Article is about Liverpool seagull slobs yet they show Cornish seagulls feasting on Cornish pasties.

Galina L. said...

Humans managed to invent food which is bad for everyone.
Scientist forgot to check - may be sea galls are sitting around too much and developed a skill to use public transportation.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks so much for your comments ..... it just goes to show the papers do not check too carefully when they post their photo's. But hey as Galina said perhaps the seagulls have developed a skill to use public transport.

The message remains should seagulls really be eating this "carbage" ?

Thanks all for stopping by - we appreciate the comments.

All the best Jan