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Thursday 5 February 2015

Jeez no wonder the Church is on the way out !

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tess said...

Westminster Abbey is one of my favorite London sites (i disliked St. Paul's, with it's souvenir sales IN the main body of the CHURCH). Considering how expensive it must be to maintain such a huge old building, i don't begrudge them their entrance fee. :-) Same for all the National Trust houses....

The first time J saw London, the only time we had to visit WA was a Sunday morning, so we attended a church service where we were seated in one of the transepts -- it was lovely.

Mo said...

I just knew they'd let the kids in for free !!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Mo

Maybe they can use all that money they are dragging in, to pay the victims of their paedophile minsters who have been severely damaged over the years.


Lowcarb team member said...


I have no problem with religion, but the Church is greedy and corrupt.

It is not how it was supposed to be.

Only one Women Bishop appointed only last week, cannot be right.


Anonymous said...

There is something quietly appealing when you visit old churches in parts of the UK. There is a feeling of belonging that others have been here before you. Some people like to visit graveyards and see the inscription on headstones. Perhaps they feel nearer to God or their maker.When visiting an old church i do put some money in the collection box a voluntary donation. Buildings are not cheap to maintain and they are there for all to see, to share to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

One must assume that pennies do not come from heaven, hence the funding needed to maintain this great building

Anonymous said...

Oh how many wish pennies would fall from heaven but in the real world people have to pay there way.

But is it right that churches charge and museums do not.


tess said...

Eddie, you're so right about corruption and greed! Sad ... but still some of the buildings are magnificent, and it would be tragic to lose them. In places like WA, i think of the craftsmen who did the work, and imagine that a lot of it was a labor of love and devotion. The UK has some awe-inspiring architecture!