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Friday 13 February 2015

In Celebration Of Valentines Day

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Out shopping today there were so many around the special 'Valentines' aisle in the supermarket. You could see them wondering what may be the best gift to buy. Shall I buy this ... err no - perhaps this one would be better. Call me an incurable romantic but shouldn't every day be Valentines Day?

How often do you treat your wife / husband / partner to a bouquet of flowers, a special smile, or squeeze of the hand to say thank you ........Thank you's are special and cost nothing but they mean so much.

In celebration of Valentine's Day here is a bunch of flowers and a sumptuous dessert that you may like to try. However, you celebrate February 14th Valentine's Day I wish you a good one.

Champagne jelly recipe is a Delia one, just substitute 100g zsweet for sugar and top with a blob of whipped cream instead of syllabub, no frosting on grapes either. Tastes really good - well worth it! Please click on link for recipe.
All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Love the color in those flowers, but red roses are usualy given are not they.

Lowcarb team member said...
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Lowcarb team member said...

Oops try again ........

Hello Rosa and thanks for your comment. I think it is usual to give red roses - there were certainly a lot for sale in my local supermarket today.

But roses, or any flowers, are lovely to receive, enjoy, and look at.

Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day

All the best Jan

13 February 2015 at 21:39